We are a small team of enthusiasts. You know what we are enthusiastic about?

We help your ideas grow

Problem Solving

You could say that we are a design studio, or that we are a digital marketing agency. Or any other tag you might give us. However, what we actually do boils down to one sentence:

Maybe you have an existing website that needs redesign. Or you have an idea for an exciting new product and don’t know how to produce and market it? Some of you just want an explainer video that will clearly show audiences what your product is about? Or you are trying to pitch for funding, and need a convincing visual that would inspire potential investors?

We listen to your problems, and try to give you the best solution we can achieve.

Graphics design

You need a logo for your new company? Want to rebrand an outdated website? Have a new product you need packaged and branded? We offer graphics design services in a range from logo design, package design and prototyping, print and online ads, to letterheads and slide presentations.

Our style range varies from 2d cartoons, motion graphics, to 3D photorealistic visualizations. Both still and moving images, as required.

2D/3D video production

Web design

Need a one page portfolio, or a product showcase? Maybe an e-commerce platform? We got you covered. Our CMS of choice is Wordpress, but can do plain vanilla HTML/CSS and Javascipt, if it’s your heart’s desire.

A number of our clients only comes to us with an idea and a budget, and let us do the rest. Honestly, that is the way we prefer to do things! Should you need a name for your brand, character and story development, UX and UI, Product development and implementation, we will gladly take the weight off of your shoulders.

Product Design and Development


When we design your website we already think about SEO and the overall User Experience. However, we know that search engines tend to have second thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not, so our team can always keep your site up to date, so it wouldn’t hurt your Ranking.

Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram - all powerful tools for user engagement. We try to make the most out of your budget and give you the best marketing route via our different campaign strategies. Also, we are a big fan of Email marketing and newsletters, which we feel are still a very powerful marketing tool, if done right.

Digital Marketing

The Team

Nenad Anđelković

CEO and co-founder

Nenad Anđelković

With a BA in Marketing and a BA in Graphics Design, Nenad always thought the one cannot work without being closely aligned with the other. With 15 years of experience in print and design consulting, he has gotten to know the needs and problems of many small and large businesses. His skillset varies from graphics design, product branding and concepts, to 3D and 2D video production. He is also a tenor singer. Karaoke only!

Vladimir Stanković


Vladimir Stanković

As a graduate of the Belgrade University, with a degree in Foreign Politics and Diplomacy, Vlada never thought that he would be an Entrepreneur. After teaching at Belgrade University in the field of Macroeconomics, he went on to write projects for NGO and Non Profits, but this was not fulfilling enough for him. His primary superpowers are Market Research and Brand Consulting. He also makes excellent plum brandy. Not so excellent in drinking it, though….

Dragan Stefanović

web admin

Dragan Stefanović

With a BA in Business IT, he is very tech savvy, but yet budget and time conscious. His main obsessions are that your website is well protected and authenticated, and that your CMS is up to date. The thing he hates most is improvisation, but we can talk him into it, when needed.His hobbies include dark and milk chocolate, and various forms of junk food.

Our new employee

young but experienced

The ideal new employee has a PhD in Rocket Science, IT and VR technology, but must also be willing to volunteer for at least two years. He has the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and is more powerful than a locomotive. Anyone interested? Give us a shout!